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"The Oklahoma Main Street Center hired Ron Drake to present at a manager/volunteer training two years ago. Besides excellent advice on renovating buildings from his perspective as a contractor, Ron managed to help us leap over a major obstacle to our progress in Oklahoma. He taught us that what seems like an overwhelming investment of time and money can actually service debt and reap a profit.

From his contractor's viewpoint, he could more precisely estimate costs of renovation, potential income and worth. You might invest half a million dollars renovating a large building for commercial and housing use but in the end you would have a building worth $750,000. Instant equity, debt service and profit.
This perspective has begun a revolution of sorts in Oklahoma. More neglected buildings are being repurposed because of his guidance than I have seen in my 26 years of Oklahoma Main Street."
Linda Barnett, Director (Retired)
Oklahoma Main Street Center
"Ron Drake helped my institution discover a way to become part of the solution for our failing community. With his guidance, my college was able to purchase historic buildings in downtown Okmulgee and renovate them into popular loft apartments for our students. This arrangement has become a genuine “win-win” for our campus and community. Ron Drake definitely earned my trust and enthusiastic recommendation. He can help your struggling small town as he helped ours."
Dr. Bill Path, President
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
"Bringing Ron Drake to town was totally worth doing. It’s one of the best things we’ve done since I’ve been mayor. Ron brought a fresh look and new ideas. We can rally around the downtown and how to improve it."
Greg Mengarelli, Mayor
Prescott, Arizona
"“Mr Drake is insightful, energetic, and intuitive. He came to our small town of Kettle Falls, Washington, for three full days to help us see our town through new eyes. Ron is a great listener. He toured our town with leaders, community members, and business owners, taking pictures and asking lots of questions.

Ron is a talented presenter who gets people excited to get to work. He spoke to our community in the middle school gym and engaged many of our townspeople in the discussion of downtown improvement. He has a unique ability to create friendships quickly and he develops a level of trust with others that motivates people to action.

He gave us a clear, simple, and affordable vision of how our future could look. We are so glad he came to our town and we look forward to giving him positive feedback about our Kettle Falls plan!”"
Thaynan Knowlton
Kettle Falls School District, superintendent
"When seeking a facilitator for our Downtown Visioning Session, we knew that there was no one better than Ron Drake. His enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge is unparalleled and brought out the best and brightest ideas from our participants. The evening was a phenomenal success for our organization and the Rochester community, due to Ron’s approach to not only inspire but to spark enthusiasm in support of our community. From pre-planning to the visioning session itself, Ron advised us every step of the way and the result was a remarkable evening that engaged our community in a way unlike anything we had ever done before. We have already begun to reap the benefits from this session, and know that it will continue to pay dividends in the years to come."
Kristi Trevarrow, Executive Director
Rochester Downtown Development Authority
"Ron Drake has been the catalyst for the remarkable changes that have taken place in downtown Siloam Springs over the last several years. His passion for downtown is contagious. When you're around Ron you can't help but get excited too!"
Greg Phillips, Director
Main Street Arkansas
"It isn't just Ron's work that inspired people to make a difference in downtown Siloam's Ron himself. He is a connector who brought the world of Siloam Springs (and later, outside investors) together and changed the hearts and minds of many who thought downtown could never be turned around.

Ron knows that the work of downtown revitalization does not exist in a vacuum. He also knows that the work is never done. He surrounds himself with good people and inspires them to continue his life's mission of making his corner of the world a better place."
Cary Tyson, Former Chairman
National Main Street Coordinators Executive Committee