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Developing Thriving Downtown Communities

Winner of "Best Adaptive Re-use" and runner up of "Best Interior Design" in the State of Oklahoma Main Street Awards. This building was the first building project Ron consulted with, and the first Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit project in Okmulgee. After walking through the building with a crowd of people one hot summer day in 2014, Ron came up with a full on business plan for this building. He identified the potential for several loft apartments upstairs, as well as several options for commercial spaces downstairs. A local couple took notice, they saw the need for community revitalization and they saw the potential of this great building! After presenting his findings and business plans that hot summer evening, Ron received a phone call from the new owners of the Park on the Square, saying they had verbally purchased the building!! Construction started just a few months later, and now we have the most vibrant building in downtown Okmulgee alive and well! To date there are 6 loft apartments upstairs, 102 Ristorante (pictured), a health food store and an office complex downstairs.

This project is critically important to the story of Okmulgee Rising, and to downtowns everywhere! The folks that purchased this building were pioneers. They love the town of which they call home, and they showed it by investing in it. A little vision was all it took to convince them to take the plunge into downtown restoration, Everywhere I consult I am asked if I know of investors, or some investment group that will purchase a building in their downtown. This story is evidence of what I already know to be true...with the right vision, the investors are right there, in your downtown. There are people there that have the ability to do great things, much like the incredible things that have happened with the Park on the Square.