Inspire • Equip • Restore

Developing Thriving Downtown Communities

Okmulgee Rising is a grass roots revitalization effort led by concerned citizens seeking to bring life and vitality back to their community. Local residents and organizations are making a difference through investment in historic downtown Okmulgee and through restoration of the city’s most iconic and storied buildings. The spark was created by the simple realization of the need for more student housing on the campus of OSUIT, and the desire to give something more for their unconventional student life. The community stepped up and started purchasing buildings downtown (now over 20) to create “Cool Lofts” upstairs, and more restaurants and shops downstairs. OSUIT has purchased three buildings to house over 70 students downtown. Creek Nation has purchased a building for a visitor’s center. Along with all of the private sector building renovations Okmulgee will realize an infusion of over 150 people living downtown in the coming months! Ron's words are evident once again as he says, "The best way to bring life downtown is to bring lives downtown."

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